50 Years of
Glass Excellence

50 Years of Excellence

In 2014, Taiwan Glass Group celebrated 50 years of world-class glass production.

Originally founded in Taiwan in 1964 and publicly listed in 1973, Taiwan Glass Group is currently the largest glass manufacturer in China. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the market at home and abroad and expand the scale of market competition, Taiwan Glass Group established Taiwan Glass China Holding Company and began expansion within the mainland.

Taiwan Glass first managed to produce Float Glass (1980), Tempered Glass (1984), Insulating Glass (1984), Coating Glass (1984) and Low Emissivity Glass (1993).

More recently, export specific factories have been established to supply products to the highest international standards to markets in Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America.

Taiwan Glass is represented:
In Europe by Vistalux Limited – vistalux.eu
In Australia by George Fethers & Co. – gfethers.com.au


Taiwan Glass Taicang Architectural Glass Co. (TTAR) is located one hour north of Shanghai in Jiangsu province, China. In 2010, TTG invested US$85 million to establish this facility dedicated to servicing the international export market.

Today, the 200,000m2 facility is capable of producing in excess of 4 million square meters of advanced single, double and triple silver Low-Emissivity glass and 9 million square meters of safety glass per year.

This facility contains only the most advanced coating and processing equipment paired with a dedicated quality control and assurance team trained in international standards.

Innovation in new energy saving coating technology and development of bespoke colour and performance coatings is ongoing at TTAR.

Low-E Coatings

TTAR is active in producing approximately 200 coatings of six basic types and (codes):

Single Low-E (SLE),
Double Low-E (TDE),
Triple Low-E (TTE),
Low-E-SUN Layer (LES),
Post-temperable Single Low-E (PLE),
Post-temperable Double Low-E (PDE),
Post-temperable Triple low-e (PTE).

Each coating is typically available on stock glass in the following specifications:

Thickness: 3mm 19mm
Max. size: 3300mm X 6000mm
Min. size: 305mm X 991mm
IGU max. size: 3200mm X 6000mm


Integrated Glass Units (IGU’s) can be manufactured to many specifications on our semi-automated Lisec IGU line.

TTAR offer various brand-name sealants and spacers as well and budget friendly options. Our line also supports Thermoplastic Spacer (TPS) technology at various widths.

Many details of the IGU production can be defined and controlled. Independent quality managers are also encouraged to supervise production while the in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can track orders and progress with a barcode and QR code system.


The current capacity for bending within the walls of TTAR is limited to a minimum radius of 1500mm. This is in line with typical high-output industry standards. However, TTAR are investing in a new bending machine capable of processing as little as 750mm radius.

Maximum dimensions for bending are typically 3000mm in both height and width.

Tempering and Toughening

Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to just below its softening temperature and suddenly chilling it with jets of cold air. It results the outer skins under powerful compression stress and the interior with significant tensile stress. In consequence, the impact applied to the glass will be overcome by the compression stress on the surfaces to assure safety of use.

TTAR are equipped to manufacture 9 million square meters of this glass per year. Our experts ensure world-leading results while minimising iridescence or anisotropy.


Our Super Clear Glass is made by eliminating any green tint to regular float glass by reducing the iron content. This optimises clarity and colour consistency.

This low iron content enables Super Clear Glass to possess better optical performance and higher visible light transmittance than ordinary clear glass, it also greatly enhances solar heat transmittance.

In addition to being widely used on building facades, the greater clarity is more suitable for mirrors, display cabinets, painted splash-backs, picture frames, glass furniture and table tops.

Post-temperable products

Taiwan Glass currently manufacture many post-temperable glass products that we supply to window fabricators around the world.

We are announcing new coatings with U-values around 1.1 and class-leading clarity.

If you are a fabricator, please contact us for all the latest information.